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  • Mark Jaquith

    Mark Jaquith is a WordPress Core Lead Developer, and provides advanced WordPress consulting services through Covered Web Services. As one of the Lead Developers of WordPress, Mark is one of the most knowledgeable people worldwide about WP, so if anyone can be called an expert, he can. In addition to his contributions to the core product, Mark has over 23 plugins in the WP plugin repository. He’s been a featured speaker at a number of WordCamp events… Better yet mark is a fellow Floridan!

  • Andrew Nacin

    Andrew Nacin is a core developer of WordPress. As a member of the core team, he wrangles contributions, develops new features, and tries to fix more bugs than he creates. He lives in Washington, D.C., and works as a Tech Ninja at Audrey Capital, where he works on WordPress.org and other projects. He prefers decisions over options.

  • Brian Breslin

    Brian is an internet entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, web strategist, community evangelist, and all-around geek. As founder of Infinimedia, inc. a multinational web software development and consulting firm, Brian has worked with a multitude of companies ranging from Fortune 100 to Fortune 10000 firms helping them with their online strategy. Brian has been an active tech community evangelist in south florida for several years having started RefreshMiami, the largest tech group in Miami. Topic: Building A Business With WordPress

  • Klaus Heesch

    From his humble beginnings as a publication designer, to his recent successes as an interactive creative director and design firm leader, Klaus has a history of creating work of the highest caliber. A winner of more local awards then we want to count. As a brand expert and design leader, he has developed a clearly articulated process which reconciles creative artistry with the practical requirements of business in the modern age. Topic: Live Website Review

  • Jeremy Harrington

    Jeremy is user experience and creative lead for Voce Communications. He has been designing experiences for national brands and products for over 13 years. His background includes UX and visual design for customers like Apple, NASA JPL, BWM, Sony and Disney. When not spending time with his wife and two children his passions include music, design and all things Disney. Topic: WordPress UX Flight Check

  • John Carcutt

    John is a veteran SEO and recently moved to Philadelphia to manage the SEO team at SEER Interactive. John has over a decade of experience in the field, both working as an in-house SEO and building SEO teams at national agencies. In his career, John has literally done SEO for families running online businesess out of their kitchen up through Fortune 100 Companies. When he is not speaking at national marketing conventions such as SES, SMX, PubCon or The DMA, you can find him as the co-host of one of the nations most popular SEO posdcasts … SEO101 on Webmaster Radio. Topic: SEO Metrics – Is Your SEO is Working?

  • Matt Martz

    Matt is a WordPress Contributing Developer with over 5 years of experience developing for WordPress. By day Matt is a Senior Linux Systems Engineer for Rackspace Hosting in San Antonio, TX. During his time away from work, Matt contributes to WordPress, writes WordPress plugins, helps out in the WordPress IRC channel, eats, sleeps, dreams WordPress and practices Krav Maga. Topic: WordPress as a Development Platform

  • Michael Chacon

    Michael Chacon is a Web Designer/Developer and Entrepreneur currently residing in Miami Beach, FL, USA. He studied Information Technology at Florida State University and has been working in the field for 5 years. Michael specializes in theme development for WordPress and all that comes with it. PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS. Topic: Theme Development For Beginners

  • Dezmon Landers

    Dezmon Landers is an Internet business strategist, graduate of The Ohio State University and managing partner @ SEO Expert. Dezmon’s background is in creating, growing and managing high growth Internet companies. His experience includes helping grow Gotcast.com to over 100,000+ members in 11 months using grassroots marketing techniques as well as consulting other successful startups including Gobignetwork.com, Fightlaunch.com and Slickcar.com. Topic: Steroid Marketing For WordPress

  • Kevin Zurawel

    Kevin Zurawel is a wearer of many hats. By day, he’s a Django web developer for the University of Miami Libraries; by night, he’s a design and WordPress consultant with over three years of experience. In between, he is a frequent speaker at local tech events. No matter what Kevin is involved in, he always finds time to keep up with the latest techniques and tools in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and more. Topic: Beyond Responsive Web Design

  • Brendan Sera-Shriar

    Brendan Sera-Shriar has been an interactive designer, developer, author and teacher for over 10 years. Brendan has taught web design at Long Island University Brooklyn campus, and was a professor at Seneca College in the School of Communication Arts for over 7 years. He is also the founder of PHUG, an open source community for designers and developers with currently over 4000 members. Brendan has contributed to many open source projects including papervision3D, red5, Firefox, WordPress, and Drupal, just to name a few. Topic: Building a Community Around your Blog

  • Steven Mautone

    Steven Mautone is a front-end Web developer with a passion for mobile computing. He holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame as well as a Masters of Science in Management Information Technology, specializing in Web Content Management Systems, from Indiana University. He has previously worked in the Digital Media departments of BBC America and Showtime Networks in New York City, and has lectured in the School of Communication at the University of Miami. Topic: WordPress For Mobile

  • Austin Passy

    Austin is a LA native and freelance web designer. He’s a WordPress-aholic and is the lead organizer of WordCamp Los Angeles which is getting ready for it’s third camp coming mid to late September. He’s currently working on a WordPress theme site/store using his favorite framework theme (Hybrid) and the new concept of core frameworks on a site called Themelit.com, which at present time has one bloggers theme and a newly release band/events theme. Topic: WordPress Widgets

  • Jonathan Davis

    Jonathan Davis is the founder of Ingenesis Limited and works as the lead developer of the Shopp e-commerce plugin for WordPress. He’s been working on the web since 1996 as a “web hybrid” (web designer and developer). He also advocate of WordPress and web standards. He started doing freelance consulting in 2003 where he built and launched several award winning web sites for his clients. About 6 years ago he began using WordPress as a development foundation and CMS for his client work. In 2008 he developed and released Shopp, an enormously popular e-commerce solution for WordPress. Jonathan lives in Ohio with his wife and kids. Topic: Ecommerce and WordPress

  • Ptah Dunbar

    WordPress core contributor, BuddyPress developer & DevPress Co-Founder. Award winning web developer, entrepreneur, and founder of Design by Craftsmen, a web creative studio specializing in custom WordPress solutions. Topic: How To Be A WordPress Rockstar

  • Tammy Hart

    Tammy is a self-taught web designer and programmer. She specializes in creating custom WordPress websites from scratch. She blogs at her personal site, TammyHartDesigns.com and her WordPress for Freelancers site, WPMethod.com. She also works full time as a UI Developer at blr | further, a marketing agency in Birmingham, AL. Don’t Forget the Milk: Handing over a complete website to a client

  • Jhonatan Castaneda

    Jhonatan Castaneda is a web design consultant with more than ten years of experience in graphic and web design. He has successfully executed websites for nationally known companies in North and South America. As a multifaceted individual, he is not only a graphic designer, but also an expert in the marketing and social media industry. For over six years, he has spearheaded national marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 clients in the United States. Topic: How To Reach Multi-Cultural Audiences With Your Blog

  • Toni Gemayel

    Toni Gemayel is a developer, giraffe, and wordpress enthusiast. He likes his code clean, his designs pixel perfect, and his servers happily buzzing along. Outside of WordPress, his professional interests are are data aggregation, analytics, MVC frameworks, and the mobile web. Outside of work, he can be found home-brewing, tinkering with electronics, reading, and downloading the latest flavor of linux. Topic: WordPress Performance & Optimization

  • David Carr

    David F. Carr is a writer, editor, and web consultant. He writes about business and technology for Forbes.com, CIO Magazine, Information Week, and other publications. He is a former Technology Editor of Baseline Magazine and Internet World Magazine. He is the author of two published WordPress plugins, RSVPMaker, for event scheduling and RSVP tracking, and Facebook Tab Manager, created in February to take advantage of the new IFrame-based Facebook page tabs. Topic: Introduction To WordPress Plugin Programming

  • Syed Balkhi

    Syed Balkhi is a WordPress designer / developer and the founder of a WordPress resource site known as WPBeginner. Syed has 8 years of experience working in the web industry and has been working with WordPress for over 4 years. Syed has worked with businesses and individuals on all different levels. He is mostly known for his aggressive affiliate marketing skills, creative designs, and expertise in SEO. Topic: Monetizing Your Blog: Crash Course For Beginners

  • Adam W. Warner

    Adam W. Warner is a web development consultant and trainer specializing in the use of WordPress and WordPress Multisite. His development philosophy focuses not only on solutions, but also education, empowerment, and support for his clients. Topic: Introduction To WordPress

  • Maria de los Angeles

    Maria is an award-winning writer who has been blogging for five years. She is very involved in the local blogging and social media community. A former writing teacher at the University of Miami, Maria also leads workshops and panels on the subject of self-publishing and writing. Topic: Blogging 101

  • Rey Bango

    As the Client-Web Community Program Manager for Microsoft, Rey focuses on promoting best practices for client-side web development and helping Microsoft meet the needs of this community. He is passionate about HTML5 and the possibilities that it brings for building rich, interactive web applications. In addition, Rey is a member of the jQuery JavaScript project team and editor of ScriptJunkie.com, the best place for cross-browser, solutions-based web development articles. Topic: Filling the HTML5 Gap

  • Josh Guffey

    Josh is responsible for all agency and client aspects related to web, mobile, or future platform development. His specialty is front end and CMS development. His tools of choice are jQuery, HTML5, WordPress, Drupal, and Codeigniter. When not producing super clean code, he can be seen cycling through the city, or at the local watering hole catching a live rock show. Topic: Taking WordPress As A CMS To The Limit

  • Stephen Gilboy

    Stephen Gilboy is a web developer based in Ft Lauderdale. He currently is the Senior Programmer for AuctionAnything.com, focused on advancing their SAS application to new levels. His latest focus has been on the exploding market of mobile application development. Topic: Learn How To Build iPhone/Android Apps With WordPress

  • David Gewirtz

    When not keeping servers running by calling upon the powers of profanity and duct tape, David Gewirtz is the editor of the ZATZ online magazines. Channeling his propensity for shouting at the TV into constructive work, he is is a CNN contributor, a CBS Interactive contributing editor, and writes the ZDNet Government blog. Topic: Migrating A Massive Legacy CMS To WordPress Without Losing Your Mind